Saterdag, 09 Maart 2013

Story Telling Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

            Once upon a time, in East Java, lived a beautiful girl named Bawang Putih. Her father has passed away, and she lived with her stepmother and stepsister. Before her father passed away, her stepmother and stepsister were very kind to her. On the contrary, two days after her father passed away, they treated their badly. She had to do all the house work. Her stepmother said:
“Bawang Putih, from this moment, you have to clean the house, guard the house, wash the clothes, and cook delicious meals.”
“But mother…”
“No but! You must obey my rule! What do you think? I love you?? Oh… No… No… No… I hate you! Why must I kind to my stepdaughter, ha!?”
“How poor you are” said her stepsister with a sly smile.
Her stepsister was Bawang Merah. She was very lazy, and she always got dress every time. But, Bawang Putih was more beautiful than her.
One day, Bawang Putih went to river to wash a lot of clothes. Then, she looked a goldfish cried and needed help. Its mouth was involved by an angler. Seeing the condition Bawang Putih felt sorry and helped it.
“Thank you for your kindness, would you like to be my friend” asked the goldfish.
Bawang Putih was very surprised, the goldfish could speak! And Bawang Putih answered nervously: “O… Of course”. Then, the fish helped her in washing and they become a best friend.
Unfortunately, their friendship couldn’t last because her stepsister knew it. And her mom asked Bawang Merah to catch it. Then, Bawang Merah caught the fish and gave it to her mom. After that, they cooked it, and ate it! When Bawang Putih knew the fish was her friend, she took the bones and said:
“Oh my friend, forgive me… I can’t take care of you… I don’t know they will eat you. I’m sorry if I can’t reply your kindness to me… Good bye friend, good bye…”
Bawang Putih buried her friend sadly. Several days later, grew a beautiful tree, with beautiful flowers on the burial. Surprisingly, a Prince came to see it and need it to be his father’s because only the tree could help his father to be well again. The prince said:
“Who is the owner of the tree?”
“Oh, it’s mine…” answered Bawang Merah.
“Could you pull and gave it to me?”
“Of course…”
Bawang Merah tried to pull it but she couldn’t. Everybody also tried, but they also couldn’t. Then, the Prince looked at Bawang Putih and felt in love with her and asked her to pull the tree. Miraculous! The tree could pulled by her and she gave it to the prince. The prince said:
“Oh beautiful girl. Thank you for the tree. I love you. Would you become my wife?”
Bawang Putih only smiled and nodded. The Prince married her, and Bawang Putih has forgiven her stepmother and stepsister. And they lived happily ever after.

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